Annual Membership dues run from January to December and are due by January 31 each year.  Membership dues paid after January 31 incur a $10 late fee.  Current BPPA Members can either pay here through the website or bring a check to the first meeting of the year.  Along with the payment, BPPA Members are to also complete and submit a current Membership Application each year.  Click the link above to print a Membership Application.  Active Members must also submit a copy of their current Sales Tax Certificate.  To pay the annual dues through the website, select your classification below then proceed with payment with either your PalPal account or a credit card.


If you are a professional photographer, an aspiring photographer, work in the photography field or are a student of photography, we encourage you to join BPPA.   For information regarding our Guild, please contact our Membership Chair, Donna Williams by email to or by phone to 941-488-7300.  Donna Williams will be happy to discuss the Membership Classifications and guide you to becoming a member of BPPA.  You are welcome to attend as a guest by contacting the Membership Chair or as a guest of a current BPPA Member.  Guests can attend their first meeting for a one-time meeting fee of $20.  Meeting fees, which pay for the meal and the program are $35 for BPPA Members and $45 for Non-BPPA Members.  Accepted form of payments are cash, check made payable to BPPA or online payment.

New Members can join any time throughout the year.  If a new Member joins after July 1st., the dues are discounted 50%.  This only applies to new Members.  It does not apply to Membership Renewals.  After discussing BPPA Membership with the Membership Chair, new Members can either bring their payment and paperwork to the next meeting or mail it to the Membership Chair to the following address:

          Donna Williams

          158 Padova Way

          North Venice, FL 34275


Joining a professional organization in your chosen field indicates a true commitment to your profession.  That professionalism is a great source of confidence for your clients. You become a working professional photographer who has signed on to a code of ethics and one who is managing their business in a professional and ethical manner.  Your clients will know that you are operating your business in a professional manner.  And be becoming a member, you receive opportunities for education each month.

You will get to know your fellow photographers in a social and educational setting. Networking with other professionals in your field is a huge benefit both in terms of shared knowledge and perhaps even more importantly in receiving referrals from other members.  Your skills and areas of expertise will be known.  You have the support of a strong organization behind you should you have any difficulties and/or questions about your business.  You have opportunities for scholarship awards that may be applied to any educational program sponsored by BPPA, Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) or the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

You have access to other working professionals at monthly meetings.  As you get to know them, they will be happy to assist you with questions pertaining to your profession such as dealing with a particular client, types of equipment, lighting knowledge, promotions that work, filing images, etc.  Your photography will continue to improve by entering the Print of the Month, Creative Quarterly and Salon Competition.  The more you enter into these competitions, your skill set improves and your confidence as a photographer rises.

BPPA Membership

BPPA Membership Dues