​May 2018 Monthly Program:  Tom Lelyo -Think People, Be Social

About Tom Lelyo...

For the past ten years, Tom has worked as a communication director disguised as a Youth Pastor for churches.  In those years, he has helped organizations leverage digital media including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube reach their audiences.  His main goal is to help businesses bridge the gap between the solutions they offer and the problems their audience face.  Tom is a husband and father of five children.  He grew up in NJ where he became a fan of the NY Giants Football team.  In 2012, he moved to Florida.  Tom has always been intrigued by video, marketing and sharing a message with others.  His favorite food is pizza.  He dreams of one day owning a golden doodle puppy.

Tom's Program "Think People, Be Social" is understanding digital marketing from the perspective of the person on the other side of the screen.

In this presentation, Tom Lelyo of TLelyo Media, will challenge us to take a look at social media from a different perspective and tackle a few important aspects:

  • Branding yourself through social media
  • Reaching the PEOPLE on the other side of the screen (ensuring your message is actually helping people, not just shouting at them).
  • How to create videos for social media (portrait vs landscape, live vs "ever green", entertaining vs educational and more!).
  • How to become "social" in front of the camera.
  • Respecting the platform, choosing the right social media channel AND platform within that channel (Facebook profiles vs groups vs pages, Instagram timelines vs stories, etc.).

Programs are conducted by various photographers from all over the United States and local. BPPA schedules these key speakers to come to our monthly meetings to educate and share with you tips and knowledge of your trade. We strive to schedule different educators in all fields of photography to provide a well rounded educational year.  In addition to monthly programs, two times each year we have Salon Competition.

Program and Speaker