​​​​​​​​​​​​December Monthly Program:  BPPA 2017 Annual Banquet

​​President Gigi O'Dea recognized the contributions of the following BPPA Members who served as Officers, Board Members, Chairs, Chair Assistants and Vendors:
     Carmen Schettino – Vice President
     Heidemarie Burke – Treasurer
     David Emmett – Secretary
     Christine Thomas – Director
     Connie Summers – Director
     Donna Williams – Director
     Heidemarie Burke – FPP Delegate
     Donna Williams – Membership Chair, Website Chair and Social Media Chair
     Jennifer Gerardi – Salon Chair
     Carmen Schettino – Salon Assistant
     Connie Summers – Program Chair
     Maria Lyle – Newsletter Chair, RSVP Chair and Meeting Photographer
     Christine Thomas – Social Chair and Door Prize/Scholarship Chair
     Kathryn DeYoung – Door Prize/Scholarship Chair
     Brianna Folgia – Treasurer Assistant
     LeMoyne Johnson – Vendor Excellence
     Heidemarie Burke – Vendor Excellence

Incoming President, Connie Summers, delivered a speech to Gigi O’Dea acknowledging all she has done for Bay Professional Photographers Association for the past two years she reigned as President. Connie then presented Gigi with her President’s plaque.

President Gigi O'Dea recognized the accomplishments of the following BPPA Members:
     Donna Williams – Outstanding Service Award
     Connie Summers – President’s Award
     Maria Lyle – Directors’ Award
     Kathryn DeYoung – Photographer of the Year Third Place
     Gigi O’Dea – Photographer of the Year Second Place
     Billy Dzwonkowski – Photographer of the Year
     Patti Reed – Rookie of the Year

Scholarship Awards are determined by the amount of door prize tickets that are sold throughout the year.  At the Annual Banquet, the tickets are used to draw the scholarship winners.  The following are the winning names and amount of scholarships that were drawn at the banquet:
       $50 – Charlie Coury
       $50 – Donna Williams
       $50 – Connie Summers
       $50 – Patti Reed

     $100 – David Emmett
    $100 – Donna Williams
    $100 – Gigi O’Dea
    $200 – Suzanne Prentzel

 The Gay Sharp Award is drawn from BPPA Members who must also be a member of FPP.  This year the Gay Sharp Award of $100 went to Gigi O’Dea.

 In closing, the BPPA 2017 Annual Banquet was a phenomenal success!  Merry Christmas to all and a healthy and prosperous year in 2018!

Programs are conducted by various photographers from all over the United States and local. BPPA schedules these key speakers to come to our monthly meetings to educate and share with you tips and knowledge of your trade. We strive to schedule different educators in all fields of photography to provide a well rounded educational year. 

Program and Speaker