​July 2018 Monthly Program:  Charlie Coury - Posing, Lighting and Composition

About Charlie Coury...

Charlie Coury of Apple Video & Photography, has been photographing professionally for 32 years.  He started in Rhode Island in 1986 and moved to  Florida in 1992.  Starting with just video production, for two years he watched behind the scenes while other photographers created images and picked up styles and ideas and deciding what not to do.  Charlie studied and modeled for, and many times assisted, some of the most influential photographers in the world such as Hanson Fong, John Woodward, Al Gordon, David Zieser, Clay Blackmore and for five years the great Monte Zucker.  He has adopted many of the unique styles of photography used by many and incorporated them to his own style of shooting.  As a member of  BBPA, FPP and PPA, Charlie earned his FPP Florida Education Degree.  He was past President of BPPA in 2010 and 2011 and also served on the BPPA Board.

Part one of the program starts at 3:00 pm at Der Dutchman.  The regular meeting will follow at Der Dutchman for dinner and part two of the program.  In case of inclement weather, the early program will be held at Der Dutchman.

​The following are some samples of his work:

Programs are conducted by various photographers from all over the United States and local. BPPA schedules these key speakers to come to our monthly meetings to educate and share with you tips and knowledge of your trade. We strive to schedule different educators in all fields of photography to provide a well rounded educational year.  In addition to monthly programs, two times each year we have Salon Competition.

Program and Speaker