Section 1.        The name of this association shall be "BAY PROFESSIONAL 

PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION", and the permanent address shall be that of the current 

Executive Secretary or other such address as the Board of Directors shall determine.


Section 1.        The objectives of the Corporation shall be to advance photography in all its 

branches, both as an art and as a profession; to create, foster, promote, and maintain cordial 

relations and cooperation and interchange of thoughts and opinions freely among its members; 

to oppose violation and infringements of the rights of professional photographers or their 

organizations; to promote and support legislation favorable to and oppose legislation 

unfavorable or prejudicial to the interests of professional photographers; to foster the practical 

benefits to be derived from personal acquaintances and the discussion of subjects having to do 

with photography, to cooperate with and grant franchises to other organizations which may be 

striving to accomplish similar purposes.

Section 2.        The Board of Directors shall be empowered to designate the official publication 

of the Corporation. Such publication must be one whose circulation encompasses the entire 


Section 3.        Membership. The eligibility and requirements for membership are defined in R-2 

of the Rules and Regulations.


Section 1.        The property, affairs, and business of the Corporation shall be vested in a Board 

of Directors consisting of seven (7) members. The members of said board shall, upon election, 

immediately enter into the performance of their duties and shall be duly elected and qualified.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall have control and management of the affairs of the 

Corporation, with authority to establish and maintain rules and regulations to be known as Rules 


assistance, fix salaries, admit, suspend, or expel members and to do anything necessary and 

desirable in the conduct of the business of the Corporation in accordance with the by-laws and 

Rules and Regulations.

Section 3.        ELECTIONS

(a). The Board of Directors shall be composed of seven (7) Active or Honorary Life Members of 

the Corporation who shall be elected by ballot at each annual meeting in such manner for a 

term of three years. No director shall be elected to serve more than two consecutive terms of 

three years.

(b). A nominating committee appointed by the President shall present its nominations for 

election to the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting.

(c). Nominations for the Board of Directors may be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting of 

the Corporation.

Section 4.        A regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held immediately following 

their election for the purpose of electing officers from among their own members.

Section 5.        The President may, when he deems it necessary, or the Executive Secretary 

shall, at the written request of the majority of Board members, issue a call for a special meeting 

of the Board of Directors. Five days’ notice in writing shall be required for such special 


Section 6.        A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the election of 

officers and all other business or purposes not otherwise provided herein. In the absence of the 

President, the Vice-President may preside: otherwise, the members present may choose a 

chairman for the meeting. A quorum shall consist of fifteen (15) active members.

Section 7.        Any member of the Board of Directors absent from a meeting shall send a 

communication in advance to the President or Executive Secretary stating the reason for his or 

her absence, and the membership of the Board of Directors in attendance shall decide in each 

instance whether or not such absence is excusable. In the event there are three inexcusable 

absences on the part of any member of the Board of Directors, his membership on the Board 

shall be declared vacant.

Section 8.        Any vacancies that may occur on the Board of Directors for any reason may be 

filled by the Board of Directors for-the unexpired term.


Section 1.        The officers of the Corporation shall be President, Vice-president, Secretary - 

Treasurer, and Executive Secretary and shall hold office for a term of one year or until their 

successors have been elected.


Section 1. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Corporation during the month of August, 

unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors. Written notice of such meetings shall be 

sent to each member of the Corporation thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

Section 2.        Special meetings of the Corporation may be called by the Board of Directors. 

Notice of any special meeting shall be given ten (-LD) days In advance of time, place, and 

purpose of the meeting.

Section 3.        Fifteen (15) Active members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4.        Whenever, in the judgement of the Board of Directors, any question shall arise 

which it deems necessary to be put to a vote Of the active membership, and when it is 

considered it not expedient to call a special meeting for such purpose, the Directors may submit 

such mater, in writing, to the Active membership for a vote, and the question thus presented 

shall be determined by a majority of the signed votes received in the mail within two (2) weeks 

after being submitted to the membership for such vote, providing at least fifteen (15) Active 

members returned their votes.

Section 5.        A minimum of ten (10) meetings in full charge of the Board of Directors, shall be 

held annually at such times and places and consisting of such programs as the Board may 



Section 1.        The President shall appoint all committee chairmen and may appoint any 

additional committees as necessary. The President may also appoint any committee chairman 

that he deems necessary and shall do so at the discretion of the Board of Directors.



Section 1.        After a hearing as detailed in R-1 Rules and Regulations, the Board of Directors 

may take disciplinary action against any member for violations of duties of membership, or upon 

a member having been convicted, adjudged, or otherwise recorded as guilty by any court of 

competent jurisdiction, of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. The manner of 

initiating a hearing and the nature of discipline is detailed and defined in R-1 Rules and 

Regulation, Code of Ethics.


Section I          The Board of Directors shall determine, by majority vote, the manner of payment 

and the amount to be paid for registration fees, dues, banquet tickets, and other service charges 

at conventions and meetings.


Section 1.        In all questions of parliamentary practice not covered by these By-laws, Roberts 

Rules of Order shall prevail.


Section 1.        These By-laws may be amended, revised or repealed, in whole or part, by a two-

thirds vote of the Active members present at any duly organized meeting of the Corporation; or 

by two-thirds vote of a constituted quorum when vote is by written ballot by mail, provided the 

proposed change is submitted in writing to the last recorded address of each Active member at 

least thirty (30) days before the change is to be considered.


Bay Professional Photographers Association


1. I will endeavor to enhance and ennoble the status of the photographic profession by 

maintaining a dignity of manner in my behavior, in the presentation of appearance of my studio 

or place of business and in all other forms of public contact.

2. I will observe the highest standard of honesty in all my transactions, avoiding the use of false 

titles, confusing or inaccurate technical terms or descriptions, misleading terms or claims.

3. I will at all times endeavor to produce only those types of photographic services that will 

enhance the prestige of the profession, to apply my best efforts on behalf of the public, and to 

play my part in raising the general standard of photographic craftsmanship.

4. I will show a friendly spirit of cooperation with my fellow professional photographers and 

assist them whenever possible should they be in trouble or have difficulty.

5. I will assist and give my knowledge to the members of this profession, and I will encourage 

them individually and collectively, so that the quality of photography may constantly be raised to 

higher standards.

6. In all matters relating to the interpretation of this code, I will recognize the authority of BPPA, 

and agree to hold harmless the Board of Directors in any decision made on the behalf of the 


I have read the above Code of Ethics and agree to abide by it, evidenced by my signature in ink 

this _____ day of 20 _____ .  Any member of BPPA may be reprimanded, suspended, or 

expelled by the Board of Directors for a violation of the Code of Ethics, or the Bylaws.

Member Signature: _____________________________________________

This application must be completed in full with proper fees, photocopies of Sales Tax 

Registration Certificate, Occupational License, and Federal ID number prior to being considered 

for membership.

Bay Professional Photographers Association

Rules, Regulations and Procedures

Regulation I

Grievance Procedures

Section 1 DUTIES OF MEMBERSHIP - Members of BPPA agree to abide by the BPPA Code of 

Ethics, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Standard Operating Guidelines.  Members also 

agree to submit to a Grievance Committee all controversies involving purported violations of the 

said duties of membership by the procedure herein provided, and to abide by the decision of the 

Board of Directors.

Section 2 GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE - A Grievance Committee shall be appointed at the 

direction of the President when a violation of the Code of Ethics has been reported to the 

President or the Vice President.  In the event that the President is the subject of the complaint, 

the Vice President shall convene the Grievance Committee.  The Grievance Committee is not a 

standing committee but is impaneled as needed.

Section 3 POWER TO TAKE DISCIPLINARY ACTION - After a hearing, provisions for which 

are outlined in the following sections, the Grievance Committee may submit recommendations 

for disciplinary action to the Officers of BPPA against any member for violation of any duty of 

membership as determined in Regulation I, Section 1.


A)      Any member having reason to believe that a member of BPPA is guilty of any conduct 

subject to disciplinary action or a violation of the Duties of Membership may file a complaint in 

writing, dated and signed, to the President stating the facts on which the complaint is based.  

The complaint must be filed within ninety days after the violation of the Duties of Membership is 

known.  The President shall promptly initiate a Grievance Committee to investigate the 

complaint’s merit with at least one BPPA Officer in its membership.  The complaint shall be held 

in strict confidence.

B)      Upon hearing the complaint the Grievance Committee shall determine whether to (1) 

dismiss the complaint as unworthy of further consideration, (2) refer it back to the complainant, 

or (3) investigate in detail the facts presented, requiring respondent to furnish the committee 

with his/her response before making a preliminary determination.  The function of the Grievance 

Committee is to make such preliminary investigation and evaluation of the complaint as required 

determining whether the validity and substance of the complaint warrants further consideration.  

The findings and deliberations of the Grievance Committee are to be held in strict confidence.

C)      Upon its own motion, the Grievance Committee may, and upon instruction by the 

President, must investigate the actions of any member when there are reasonable grounds to 

believe the member is guilty of conduct subject to disciplinary action.  And, if so satisfied, shall 

prepare a complaint and refer it to the President.  The Grievance Committee shall designate 

one of its members to present the case at the subsequent hearing on its behalf as complainant.  

Before the committee shall make a preliminary determination, a copy of the complaint shall be 

sent to the party complained of, requesting said party to furnish the committee with a response.


A)      After a complaint alleging a violation of membership duty (Code of Ethics, By-Laws, Rules 

and Regulations, and Standard Operating Guidelines) has been referred to the President by the 

Grievance Committee with instructions to schedule a hearing, the President shall serve a copy 

of the complaint on each party complained of (hereafter called the respondent) and notify the 

respondent that he/she may submit a written reply to the President within ten days and that if 

he/she does not, the charges may be taken as true by default.  The President may accept late 

submittal of the reply at its discretion.

B)      Within ten days of receipt of said reply, the President shall mail copies of the reply to the 

complainant and the Grievance Committee.   If no reply is received after ten days, the President 

shall notify the Grievance Committee that no reply has been submitted.

C)      After a complaint has reached the Grievance Committee, it may be withdrawn by the 

complainant only with the committee’s approval.

D)      At any time prior to the hearing of the complaint, the complainant may file an amended 

complaint with the President, which the Grievance Committee may, at its discretion, allow or 


E)      The Grievance Committee shall hold a hearing with the respondent and complainant.

F)       In the event the respondent or complainant fails to appear at a duly noticed hearing 

without obtaining a continuance or adjournment thereof, the committee may proceed with the 

hearing in the respondent’s or complainant’s absence and shall reach its decision based on the 

evidence made available at the hearing.  Thereafter all other procedures shall follow as herein 



A)      The President or Vice President shall present the complaint to the Grievance Committee.  

The Grievance Committee shall deliberate and reach a decision.  The decision of the Grievance 

Committee shall be by majority vote, in writing, and shall contain findings of fact and a 

statement of the disciplinary action suggested, if any, and shall be filed with the President.  

Such decision shall not be disclosed publicly.  However, failure of confidentiality shall not 

invalidate the decision.

B)      The President shall transmit a copy of the decision to the complainant and the respondent 

within seven days of rendition.

C)      Within thirty days after the decision has been rendered, the respondent may petition the 

Grievance Committee for a rehearing, solely on the grounds of newly discovered material 

evidence which the petitioner could not, with reasonable diligence, have discovered prior to the 

original hearing.  The petition must be in writing and divulge the new evidence.

D)      Within ten days of the decision of the Grievance Committee on the appeal, the 

respondent may appeal the decision to the BPPA Board of Directors.  If the appeal request is 

granted, the BPPA Board of Directors shall consider the appeal at their next regularly scheduled 

meeting and render a decision concerning the appeal.

E)      A decision of the BPPA Board of Directors is final, and each member of BPPA, by 

becoming and remaining a member, agrees not to seek review in any court of law.


If the Board of Directors believes that the disciplined member may resort to legal action because 

of suspension or expulsion, it may specify that the suspension or expulsion shall become 

effective upon entry of the final judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction in a suit filed by the 

Board for declaratory relief, declaring that the suspension or expulsion violates no rights of the 



Disciplinary action may consist of only one of the following:

Letter of Censure to member, with copy in file;

Relief of Committee Chairmanship, Board or Officer position and/or relief of committee duties;

Suspension of membership for a period of time specified by the Board of Directors, not to 

exceed one year;

Any discipline imposed may be suspended and the member placed on probation for a period not 

to exceed one year.

Regulation II

Dues & Fees

Section 1 ANNUAL DUES - BPPA Annual dues structure shall be set, and may be waived by 

the Board of Directors.  The amount(s), evaluated by the Board annually, are subject to change 

by majority vote of the Board. Any first time new member joining after June 30th of each year 

will pay 50% of dues for the remainder of the calendar year.  The Annual Dues for existing 

members must be paid by January 31.  The current annual dues are listed as follows:

___ACTIVE MEMBER - (1) An individual who is a Florida Resident and owns a legally 

established Florida business engaged in selling photographic goods or services to the public or 

(2) An individual who is employed as a photographer by a legally established Florida business.  

An Active member may hold office, vote in BPPA affairs, use the BPPA logo and enter print 

competition.  All Active members must submit a Sales Tax Certificate with application.  DUES: 


___ASSOCIATE MEMBER - additional members from the same firm or studio already 

represented by an ACTIVE BPPA member.  They cannot vote, hold office, or display the BPPA 

logo, but may enter print competitions.  The ACTIVE member’s Sales Tax Certificate is required.  

DUES: $65.00

___ASPIRING MEMBER - newcomers to the profession who are not associated with any 

ACTIVE member and are just getting started in the photography profession.  They cannot vote, 

hold office, or display the BPPA logo, but may enter print competitions.  They may hold this 

classification for a maximum of two years.  No Sales Tax Certificate is necessary.  DUES: 


___STUDENT MEMBER - individual that is currently enrolled in photography related courses in 

the State of Florida and can provide authentic student identification.  This member cannot hold 

office, vote, or use the BPPA logo, but may enter print competition. DUES: $45.00

___SPOUSE MEMBER - individual not engaged in professional photography whose spouse is a 

BPPA member. This member cannot hold office, vote use the BPPA logo or enter print 

competition.  DUES: $35.00

Section 2 INITIATION OR APPLICATION FEES - The Board of Directors has the option to 

assess, set, or waive initiation or application fees.  Currently there are no initiation or application 


Section 3 LATE FEES - The Board of Directors has the option to assess, set, or waive late fees.  

Late fees may be applied to dues received after February 1of any calendar year for a member 

who was a member the previous year. The late fee is $10.00.

Section 4 MONTHLY MEETINGS - BPPA will hold and conduct monthly meetings, programs 

and print competitions.  The Board of Directors has the option to assess, set, or waive the 

meeting fee to attend these functions.  The meeting fee is $30.00.  When reservations are made 

by contacting the reservation chairman by the Thursday before the meeting, a dinner will be 

available.  If a member reserved a meeting either by being on the permanent RSVP list or by 

contact the RSVP Chair Person and they do not cancel or show up for the meeting, they will be 

responsible for paying the $30.00 meeting fee.  The treasurer will send an invoice for the fee.

Section 5 VISITORS AND GUESTS - It will be the policy of BPPA to extend to visitors and 

potential new members the availability of attending one meeting as a guest without being 

required to join.  The guest meeting fee is $30.00 which includes dinner and a program.  A 

timely RSVP is required.  If the guest does not join, they can attend future meetings at the non-

member meeting fee of $45.00.

Section 6 VISITATION BY FPP PRESIDENT - Any time the President of the FPP makes a visit 

to one of BPPA’s events, they are be greeted with open arms and treated with the respect and 

dignity they deserve as holder of this high office.  The incumbent FPP President will always be 

an honored guest of BPPA and not be charged the meeting fee.  The only exception is if the 

FPP President is a member of BPPA, they will be required to pay the meeting fee of $30.00.

Regulation III


Section 1 SPEAKERS AND JUDGES FEES – Speaker fees are assessed at $125.00 per 

program.  Any speaker fee that exceeds $125.00 requires Board approval.  Judge fees are 

assessed at $75.00 per judge.  Incidentals for speakers and judges, such as meals, gas or 

travel expenses and hotel rooms do not require Board approval but do require receipts to 

support claims for reimbursement.

Section 2 REIMBURSEMENT OF MEMBER EXPENSES - In the course of day to day activities 

of running the association, it may be necessary for a member or officer to expend his or her own 

personal funds in the name of the association.  Those expenses, when deemed reasonable by 

the Board of Directors, will be reimbursed upon timely receipt of documentation provided to the 


Regulation IV

Awards and Certificates

Section 1 OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD - This award is given annually to a member who 

has a history of performing outstanding and meritorious service to BPPA.  This is the only award 

that BPPA can give that also includes FPP Service Merits.

A)      SELECTION PROCEDURE - Selection for the Outstanding Service Award is to made by 

a secret ballot vote by Active BPPA Members at the General Meeting in June.  The ballots will 

be collected in an envelope, sealed, and mailed directly to the FPP Executive Director no later 

than June 25.

B)      AWARD - The FPP will make the presentation of the award for BPPA at the annual FPP 

Convention’s Banquet.  The award given will be a gold sealed certificate and one FPP Merit.

Section 2 DIRECTORS AWARD - This award is given annually to a member who has a history 

of performing outstanding and meritorious service to BPPA.

A)      METHOD OF NOMINATION - Nominations for this award must be made by a current 

Board Member at the November Board meeting.  BPPA Board Members are not eligible for this 


B)      SELECTION PROCEDURE - Upon completion of a final list of nominees, a vote by raise 

of hand by current BPPA Board Members will be held during the November board meeting.  The 

decision is held in secrecy until presentation at the Annual Awards Banquet.

C)      AWARD - The BPPA President will make the presentation of the award at the annual 

BPPA Banquet.  The award given will be a gold sealed certificate.

Section 3 PRESIDENTS AWARD - This award is given annually to a member whom the 

President feels has done an outstanding job contributing to BPPA.  The Award is given at the 

Annual Awards Banquet in December.

A)      SELECTION PROCEDURE - The President solely decides who should receive this 

award.  The decision is held in secrecy until announcement at the Annual Awards Banquet.

B)      AWARD - The BPPA President will make the presentation of the award at the Annual 

Awards Banquet.  The award given will be a gold sealed certificate.

Section 4 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD - This award is given annually to a BPPA 

member who has scored the highest Photographer of the Year points.

A)      METHOD OF NOMINATION – is open to all BPPA members, regardless of membership 

type except “Spouse”.  This prestigious award is earned by the accumulation of the highest 

Photographer of the Year points.  The Salon Chair will keep a running tally throughout the year.  

The points are earned as follows:

PRINT OF THE MONTH:  Each member may enter two 8x10 prints each month per category for 

any month that there is no Salon competition.  In order for a category to be judged, there must 

be a minimum of three prints in that category.  Print of the Month categories are:  Unclassified, 

Portrait, Social Function and Commercial.  The winner is determined by a ballot with each BPPA 

member getting one vote per category.

Entering - 10 points

First Place per Category - 20 points

Second Place per Category - 10 points

CREATIVE QUARTERLY:  The Salon Chair announces a ‘Theme’ for each quarter.  Each 

member may enter up to one 8 x 10 print per quarter.  The winner is selected by the Master 

Photographer members of BPPA who are in attendance.  Prints for Creative Quarterly will be 

judged in March, July, September and November.

Entering - 10 points

Winning – 20 points

SALON PRINT COMPETITION:  There are two Salon competitions during the year.  These are 

held in February and July.  The complete rules and entry forms are posted on the BPPA website 

( on the Salon Rules page.  Salon categories are:  Unclassified, Portrait, Social 

Function, Commercial and Album.  The winning entries are determined by a panel of three 

qualified judges.  A moderator is selected to assist the judges.

Entering Salon – 10 points

Best of Show – 50 points

First Place (in each category) – 30 points

Second Place (in each category) – 20 points

Third Place (in each category) – 10 points

Merit Prints (score of 80 above) – 10 points per merited print

ADDITIONAL POINTS – Members can also earn additional Photographer of the Year points by 

the following:

Meeting Attendance – 10 point per meeting

Committee Member – 10 points per committee

Board Member – 10 points

FPP Member – 10 points

PPA Member – 10 points

B)      AWARDS – Gold sealed certificates to be awarded at the Annual Banquet in December.

Section 5 CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION - Certificates are produced and handed out at 

the BPPA Annual Awards Banquet in December.

A)      RECIPIENTS - All Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Vendors who donated door 

prizes and/or purchased advertising in the BPPA newsletter.

Section 6 PRESIDENT’S PLAQUE - At the end of the Annual Banquet, the incoming president 

will present the outgoing president with a gavel plaque.

Regulation V


Section 1 COMMITTEE AND CHAIR PERSONS - Committees and Chair Persons of all 

committees shall be established at the direction of the President. There are twelve permanent 

committees:  Membership, Scholarship, Salon, Program, Archivist, Door Prize, Social, 

House/RSVP, Website, Newsletter, Social Media and State Delegate.  Additional Committees 

may be assigned as the President sees fit.

Section 2 MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - The purpose of the Membership Committee is to 

recruit new members, screen membership applications, make recommendations to the Board, 

annually compile a Membership Directory, provide permanent name tags for all members and 

temporary name tags for new members, guests, speakers, and judges.  The Membership Chair 

is to maintain the Membership Directory in Dropbox.

Section 3 SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE - The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to 

organize the solicitation of funds to support BPPA’s Scholarship.  This committee may conduct 

raffles, product sales, auctions, seminars, or any other legal activity to raise funds.  The funds 

raised will be distributed within the membership, in the form of scholarships, for the purpose of 

furthering the education of the membership through seminars and schools conducted or 

sponsored by the FPP and/or the PPA.  The Treasurer will keep a tally of the Scholarship 

Amount in the Financial Report.  This report will be updated and posted in Dropbox.

Section 4 SALON COMMITTEE - The purpose of the Salon Committee is to conduct the Section 

Print Competition, an educational effort which will be held two times per year.  Competition will 

be held at least sixty days prior to the FPP annual convention.  The Board of Directors, with the 

assistance of the Program Chair, will set the dates for the competition.  The Salon Chair is 

responsible for the selection of Judges for the print competition.  The Salon Chair is responsible 

for recording the Photographer of the Year points.  This report will be updated and posted in 


Section 5 PROGRAM COMMITTEE - The purpose of the Program Committee, typically chaired 

by the Vice President, is to conduct the monthly seminars by soliciting the necessary Speakers 

designed to provide the membership with quality educational opportunities.  The Program Chair 

is responsible for arranging for Speakers, negotiating honorarium, sending contract letters to the 

speakers listing the amount and details of the program, obtaining publicity release information 

for newsletter and website, and coordinating locations and other meeting details.  Speaker 

information is to be posted on Dropbox.

Section 6 ARCHIVIST - The purpose of the Archivist Committee is to collect and keep organized 

all documents, information and history of the BPPA.  At the end of each year, the Archivist is to 

burn the contents in Dropbox to a CD.

Section 7 DOOR PRIZE COMMITTEE - The purpose of the Door Prize Committee is to solicit 

items and prizes from photography related businesses and companies, to be given away at the 

monthly meetings.  It is the duty of the Door Prize Committee to send thank you letters to any 

and all donors of prizes.  The Door Prize Chair shall oversee the distribution of all donated items 

at the beginning of each meeting.  Any company that donates a minimum of six door prizes will 

be entitled to a half page ad in Bay’s newsletter for the year that the door prizes were donated.

Section 8 SOCIAL COMMITTEE - The purpose of the Social Committee is to organize the social 

activities of BPPA.  The Annual Awards Banquet is when new Officers are installed and awards 

are given.  This is the most important responsibility of this committee.  Social events, picnics or 

other such activities are also the responsibility of the Social Committee.  The Social Committee 

is responsible for establishing the location, time, menu, and program/activities for these events, 

as well as for advance publicity and notification to the BPPA membership.

Section 9 HOUSE/RSVP COMMITTEE - The purpose of the House/RSVP Committee is to 

serve as liaison between the meeting location and BPPA Board of Directors.  It is responsibility 

of the House/RSVP Committee to receive and record the members’ email RSVP responses and 

send the headcount amount to the meeting venue prior to the meeting.  The RSVP responses 

are to be tabulated on the Treasurer/RSVP spreadsheet in Dropbox.

Section 10 WEBSITE - The Webmaster is responsible for the design and layout of the 

association’s website,, and securing and uploading important and relevant 

information for the BPPA Membership and online consumers.  The Webmaster receives two 

FPP Service Merits for each completed year of service.

Section 11 NEWSLETTER EDITOR - The Newsletter Editor is responsible for the production 

and distribution of the BPPA Newsletter.  The Newsletter Editor serves as reporter, writer and 

editor as well as managing the layout and design of the newsletter.  The Newsletter Editor 

receives two FPP Service Merits for each completed year of service.

Section 12 SOCIAL MEDIA - The Social Media Committee will post frequent updates to promote 

the association to Facebook, Pinterest and any social media platform that would benefit BPPA 

members as well as the guild.

Section 13 STATE DELEGATE – The State Delegate will attend all FPP Board/Delegate 

meetings and report this information to BPPA Board of Directors and members.  The State 

Delegate will also provide a written report to the newsletter for inclusion in the next edition.